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Bound Together Christ centred ecumenical website

Jesus said, “For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them." Matt 18:20

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Bless those who persecute you; bless

and do not curse.

Romans 12:14


Jesus said

Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and

pray for them which spitefully use you,

and persecute you;

Matthew 5:44


A boulder of blessings replaces the Cursing Stone. A romantic winter’s tale that ends in blessings and a happy ending for Cumbria.


and Kindle Edition

Boulder of Blessings

The book ‘Boulder of Blessings’ is a romantic winter’s tale set in the City of Carlisle and ends in blessings for the County of Cumbria.


Too often in life we have no choice but to back off. Sometimes however, a window of opportunity opens and if we seize the day, on another day we will look back and be glad.

Alexander sets off on his daily walk with a heavy heart into the brilliant light of sunshine and snow. He returns inspired by a curious encounter that has re-engaged him to the detail and joy of life.


Once again for Alexander all things are possible and in the power of that reality he attracts the companions needed to accomplish the impossible. A band of brothers and sisters come together and the mission begins in earnest but almost immediately it is compromised. An old flame crosses the path of Alexander and the flood gates of his sexual repression surrender to the perfect temptation.


Lost in love, the wave washes over him as his motley crew keep the mission on course. Out of the blue a little old lady is attracted to the cause and reaps in a lifetime of sowing to help accomplish what looked impossible.


The evil that was attracted to the County of Cumbria by the City of Carlisle’s Millennium Project is confounded. The genius loci who was made the god of Carlisle is exorcised. The evil curses used as a tourist attraction and the stone they are carved into are exorcised of their evil spiritual activity.


A Boulder of Blessings replaces the stone of curses.


The cascade of calamity to cross over Cumbria is ended and blessing after blessing begins to enrich the lives of the citizens.



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The book 'Boulder of Blessings' is a novel that offers hope in the creation of a boulder of blessings to replace the evil cursing stone. Meanwhile the county of Cumbria is in the shadow of the next calamity to come its way.


The Cursing Stone misrepresents the gospel of Jesus Christ. In 1525 Bishop Gavin Dunbar cursed the Border Reivers, their descendents and all who profited from the Border Reiver criminal activities.  Cumbria is under a curse. The curse of the Bishop but also the curse that comes from misrepresenting the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Only Rev’d Kevin Davies and Bishop Graham Dow and the editor of the Bound Together Ecumenical Magazine had the courage and faith to speak out. Others, were too frightened to boldly speak out against the pagan aspects of the Carlisle Millennium Project for fear of being ridiculed. The local media and powerful people with an anti Christ agenda ensured that anyone speaking out against the Project would be persecuted.


Meanwhile the county of Cumbria is in the shadow of the next calamity to come its way.


Here is a prayer to protect yourself.


In Jesus name and by the power of the Holy Spirit and for the glory of God I reject all curses and words of ill intent, gossip, slander and self righteousness that have been spoken, written or thought about me (or those I love). Such, words and thoughts have no hold on me or any power over me and I bind their evil intent and cast it into hell. Now, I bless those who curse me, hate me, spitefully use me and persecute me and I ask the Father to bring such people into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ and that they are enlightened into love by the power of the Holy Spirit.

The reasons why Carlisle’s Millennium Project has and will cause death, disaster and destruction are almost unbelievable. Glass pyramids, an underpass that glorifies the evil dead, a cursing stone, a pagan god, a curious lay line alignment of coincidences. The facts are astonishing. The secrets kept from the citizens are disturbing.

Kindle Edition